Welcome to a New Year

Today,  I have the same feelings that I had before every new school year.  I have the urge to deep clean, organize my closet once again (which is color coordinated), toss out things that I don’t use that burdens me down, set new goals and strive a little harder to be a better, a little more healthy, more courageous, and more diligent person. Oh and buy myself new office supplies, because there is no better feeling than new pencils, pens with clean notebooks waiting for fresh ideas to be written in!

The Breanna McKendrick that entered 2016 just one year ago is a very different person than the girl that stepped out of it. My Dad passed away this last year and everything feels fundamentally different.

I have realized with painful learning things that matter to most to me, and the thing that dont anymore.

2016 you taught me the difference between:

Building meaningful relationships VS.  Building a social media following

Investing in Memories VS. Investing in “Stuff”

Jumping in to help VS. Waiting for someone to tell you how to help

Doing the real work VS. getting lost in busy work

I am re-aligning my business mission statement and goals to fit better with the things I have learned and above all the things that stands out to me is that Serving people with heart will always be a worthwhile way to spend my time. 2017 is a new opportunity to SERVE with heart.

“Serving people with heart will always be a worthwhile way to spend my time”


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