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Europe__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerI feel like I have been keeping a secret for far too long!!  Life is about to get a little bit crazy here in the McKendrick household and BIG life changes are coming! I told my mom that Trevor and I had a big announcement and quickly realized that if I was going to start off that way, I needed to preface, with “No, we are not expecting”. 🙂

Ever since Trevor and I got married, we talked about taking some time to travel. We wont be young forever, we do not have a mortgage or have started having kids yet. We are in a flexible and wonderful stage of life that we know wont last forever. We both have traveled throughout the US quite a lot and have loved our adventures together! My parents were fantastic and made sure that as a family we took trips in the summer time. We have jumped in our van and road tripped to Chicago, Memphis, Washington DC, Atlanta, California, Oregon, driving along the highways of the midwest and  stopping at *almost* every national park along the way. But the world is a big, BIG place and we have talked about going to Europe for a long time! And I have NEVER been before!!!

This year is the year to dream big! So I am happy to say that we are finally making one of our life long goals into reality! Trevor and I are going to Backpack through Europe together!!!!  I mean literally, we bought our backpacks just the other day, and if it doesn’t fit into the bag, we aren’t taking it. 🙂

So how are we going to make this work? Well, we have dedicated March and April to our travels. We have one way, direct tickets to Stockholm Sweden (That cost us $350 for the BOTH of us! I will tell you how we got those soon!!!) and we plan on taking trains and buses, through Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, and the UK. Now if you are asking, YES, I am taking my camera. How could I not?!?! This is a trip of a lifetime and I want to make sure I can take pictures of our adventure. I am already planning on making an album and decorating our home with prints of the landscape of Austria. I want to shoot as much as possible there! It would be a dream to shoot an engagement , anniversary, bridal or portrait session in Europe. This might be a long shot, but if you, or a loved one will be around these parts, let me know! I would love to schedule a session with you while I am there!!! Think of how romantic and special these portraits will be!!!!!

I have been booking my May and summer weddings for 2015 for when we get back. We will hit the ground running with a busy wedding season and weekend are filling up fast. It is going to the a fantastic year, I can just feel it! So if you are newly engaged, please feel free to contact me for your summer wedding! Spaces are limited and  I would be thrilled to tell your wedding day story.

There are still two more big announcements coming down the pipeline for Trevor and I, but we will have to wait for those until a few more details are hashed out, but I can say that life is still changing dramatically for the two of us this year. I will certainly be blogging along the road in Europe to share in the adventure. My sister-in-law Rachel told me to make sure I remember the food in each place, so that is one thing I will certainly make note of! 🙂

Finally I have one more favor to ask you! Since I have never been to Europe before, we need all the advice we can get!!! Please comment and let me know what are some of your favorite sites to see, tips on planning, what you packed, or what you wish you would have packed with you, etc! I would love to hear from those who are more experienced than me about navigating your way around!

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Europe here we come!

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