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Refreshing. This place makes all the weight of your stress disappear with ease. Coupeville, Washington is home of some of the worlds most delicious mussels (you don’t have to ask me, you can ask Martha Stewart), sailing races, and art festivals. It sits on Whidbey Island which is engulfed in the Puget Sound about 80 miles north of Seattle, Washington.  The whole island is magical.

This week, my husband Trevor and I are in Seattle Washington. I am second shooting a few weddings with my good friend Lora Grady Photography, so Trevor and I decided to stay a little while after the weddings to make a vacation trip out of it. Since we are both small business owners, we do not get a lot of time to plan relaxing time together so a get away to Seattle seemed perfect during the busy summer.

It might be the ferry ride to the island where the fresh wind whips through your hair with locals and visitors chatting away happily on the open deck, but almost instantaneously life seems to slow down here. No more hustle and bustle. No more rushing. You have arrived and you are here to breath in the Pacific Northwest.

Coupeville was founded in 1852 by Captain Thomas Coupe, which makes it the second oldest town in the State of Washington. This fact is never far from your mind either. With over 300 structures on the Historic Registry, little date plaques nailed next to restaurant doors, and tongue and groove construction work are all markings that this little seascape is rich of history.

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Little have I known, but for the last 10 years, my Aunt and Uncle (Becky and Dave) have been shopping around the Bed and Breakfast market. This has been their dreams. To work together and run  a B&B after they become empty nesters. A little less than 2 years ago, they sold their farm house in Colorado and bought the Blue Goose Inn Bed and Breakfast in Coupeville, Washington. It is hard to leave a town that you have raised your children in and make so many wonderful memories. But this was a dream and a fresh start that they have been planning on for years and it seems to fit them perfectly.

For example, My Aunt and cousin Collin (who helps when he is home from College) are WONDERFUL cooks. Our family is full of great cooks. I think it all comes from my Grandmother who enjoys creating wonderful meals as a way to bring together a family and passed that on to her 5 daughters. But the Blue Goose Inn’s kitchen is in good hands with Becky behind the menu and the availability of local produce from the island. They  make their own house maple-butter, cinnamon syrup, and a variety of  jams. And yes, those berries for the jams all come from the local farms! Your mouth will salivate just reading about what is cooking.

There are two houses that make up the Blue Goose Inn. The Pink Kineth House and the Blue Coupe House. Each house has rooms available ranging ins sizes and decore. Each room is historic and beautiful.

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Over the last 2 years Dave and Becky have been renovating the rooms to make for beautiful upgrades that each of their guest will enjoy. This is just one of their rooms available, the Bell Tower Room.

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They are 0.1 miles from the shoreline. Yes, less than a tenth of a mile! a 5 minute walk will get you the puget sound and scenes like this. I think I may never leave.

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I can’t wait to share with you the weddings that Lora and I will be shooting this weekend in Seattle and on Whidbey Island. I know they are going to be romantic and whimsical. I will be excited to share them with you all, so stay tuned and watch for them on the blog. I truly wish you all could be here to see this island in person. I love taking pictures, but it is even more magical with your own eyes.

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