Anna and Sage | Engaged!

There are moments when all the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place. This past engagement session at Tibble Fork was just one of those days where you count your lucky stars that those puzzle pieces fell into just the right places. ¬†Anna and Sage are getting married this May, (cough my birthday month, cough) AND they are getting married in the same place that Trevor and I got married in over 2 years ago! I don’t have favorite couples, but this is seriously a sign that we were to be friends.


I remember waking up on the day of Anna and Sage’s engagement session looking at those dark storm clouds outside my window. My parents were in town from Texas. Trevor and I were going to head to Sundance to meet up with them in the morning, and stick around Utah Valley for the session that afternoon. This is when the wind kicked up. Not the “look at my hair blowing gently in the wind”, but the traffic lights swaying, American Flags straight out, tornado is coming type wind.

But lucky for us, we were nestled up in a little corner of the mountains, where I really think the wind just blew right over us! It was not until the last 10 minutes of our session together that it kicked in and THANK GOODNESS for that!

I adore Anna and Sage. They are a wonderful couple and both of these guys had a sharp head on their shoulders. Sage is studying to be an engineer and Anna is getting an exercise science degree. Not only are they planning the details of their May wedding, but they have chemistry tests, finals, and homework to worry about! They make it look so easy!

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Anna and Sage! I cannot wait to see you again for your formal session and then to celebrate with you in MAY!




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