Anna + Sage Married | Oquirrh Mountain Wedding

I walked into the back of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple waiting room to see Sage sitting patiently. Waiting for his new bride to be to finish up some last minute makeup and hair touchup’s before they exited the temple together, for the first time as man and wife. He was clam and relaxed. His eyes lit up with a sincere smile when I asked how the ceremony was. Sage wears his emotions for Anna on his sleeve. Pure adoration. He will treasure her as much as I know Anna will treasure Sage.


Getting a peek of what my brides will look like during their formal sessions is fun. However, I am always amazed at how much the excitement and glow of a wedding day makes each bride that much more beautiful. Anna was elegant in her long ivory lace dress. Her blonde hair curled perfectly blew against into the gentle wind for perfect moments and magical portraits. Sometimes a little wind makes wedding day portraits all the more magical and beautiful. Their family celebrated with them! The friends cheered for them! It was a perfect day for Anna and Sage.

Wedding-501 Wedding-509

How beautiful is this place to get married? The Oquirrh Mountain temple sits atop a hill, which makes it stand out from everything else around it. It is perfect.  (I am a little biased though. It is where Trevor and I got married almost 3 years ago!)

Wedding-005 Wedding-009 Wedding-015 Wedding-017 Wedding-029 Wedding-034 Wedding-044
These two girls on the right cracked me up. They shared their Dad’s suit coat all morning long and were the most adorable girls ever.

Wedding-067 Wedding-071 Wedding-075 Wedding-085 Wedding-116 Wedding-121 Wedding-123 Wedding-155 Wedding-160 Wedding-163 Wedding-173 Wedding-179

I enjoyed this bridal party! Anna’s Bridesmaids were bot only beautiful but witty and fun.

Wedding-181 Wedding-185 Wedding-189 Wedding-208 Wedding-236 Wedding-240 Wedding-241 Wedding-249 Wedding-260 Wedding-261 Wedding-281Wedding-273 Wedding-293 Wedding-297 Wedding-313
One of my favorite parts of shooting at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple is the view overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. It is beautiful!

Wedding-311 Wedding-317 Wedding-327 Wedding-333 Wedding-347
This is one of my favorites from the whole day!

Wedding-365 Wedding-369 Wedding-373 Wedding-391 Wedding-399 Wedding-411 Wedding-417
Anna, I still am in awe how beautiful you looked.

Wedding-427 Wedding-449 Wedding-451 Wedding-463 Wedding-481 Wedding-496
Congratulations to Anna and Sage! The best days of your marriage are yet to come!

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