Lance and Brianna. Army Anniversary in California!

I always thought California was a little over rated until this last trip over New Years. Now, I see why people LOVE the place. When Utah was snowing with blizzards, snowy roads, and freezing temperatures, California was hanging strong in the 70’s!!!  We drove around LA with the sunroof open and blasting our music like teenagers in the summer! BUT IT WAS JANUARY!

Not only did I fall in love with the weather, but with this lovely shoot in the hills of east LA.  Lance and Brianna have been married almost 5 years which completely blows my mind because Brianna and I knew each other back in high school! It is fun to see how our lives have grown, we have fallen in love, and gotten married to terrific guys since then. And Lance is one TERRIFIC guy! He radiated strength and courage in his Army Uniform. It made me all the more grateful for the volunteers and their family that donate and sacrifice so much for this country.

Brianna and Lance held to each other with a treasured love. They have great trust and strength in each other, each as a rock through out the great days and the bad. Their smiles are infectious and laughter rises easily between the two of them.

It was a perfect day with a perfect couple.

Revestir-5Revestir-9 Revestir-14 Revestir-15 Revestir-17 Revestir-18
I absolutely adore this one.

Revestir-28 Revestir-30 Revestir-34 Revestir-36 Revestir-38 Revestir-45 Revestir-46 Revestir-51 Revestir-54 Revestir-62 Revestir-64 Revestir-65
It is the way these two look at each other.

Revestir-70 Revestir-72 Revestir-77 Revestir-80 Revestir-83
A sunset in a uniform?!?! So lovely!

Revestir-49 Revestir-88 Revestir-94 Revestir-98 Revestir-102
This light was completely dreamy. I could have shot here all day long. 
Revestir-103 Revestir-105 Revestir-108Revestir-116Revestir-112 Revestir-118 Revestir-123 Revestir-124
I couldnt have been more excited for this shoot. Happy 5 years of marriage Lance and Brianna. You are a beautiful couple inside and out!



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