Aslyn and Ryan | Orchard Engagement

People love fall leaves.  Parks, canyons, mountains are always packed with photographers once the bright orange and reds flame in the sun. Fall time is one of the most popular times to take picture because of the beautiful new colors.

So does that make me a little weird that I love taking pictures just after the majority of the fall leaves have fallen???  It seems like some of my very favorite session happen in the time of year! Aslyn and Ryan’s engagement session was no exception!

I have loved getting to take engagement pictures of my 2014 couples and getting to know them even better! Aslyn in an incredible photographer herself and has such a keen eye for all things whimsical and romantic! Ryan is confident and calm, but has a smile that melts when he looks Aslyn in the eyes. It doesn’t take a lot to get these two to laugh and snuggle. All the signs of love that makes my heart warm. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening than hanging out with Aslyn and Ryan in the fall stricken Kerby Orchard!

Engagement-16 Engagement-26

This is one of my favorites! We got this within the first 5 minutes!   Engagement-31 Engagement-38 Engagement-25 Engagement-15 Engagement-70 Engagement-44 Engagement-82 Engagement-60 Engagement-65 Engagement-101 Engagement-68 Engagement-93

Aslyn’s ring is gorgeous! Engagement-102

This truly is them. Natural and in Love! Engagement-108 Engagement-113 Engagement-119 Engagement-129 Engagement-139 Engagement-141 Engagement-149 Engagement-155



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