As we walked around I kept wondering to myself, “Is this place REAL?”  It looks like something straight out of a book, or a part of the Disneyland theme parks. Trevor laughed at me when I mentioned Disneyland, but I think it is a good description that deserves a little explanation. One of my FAVORITE […]

I was gearing up for a snowing and cold wedding when Yvonne told me of her  December wedding date. But this Utah winter has been surprisingly warm! I haven’t needed to white knuckle grip my steering wheel while trying to drive through white roads, which I am thrilled about.  Winter weddings are charming. The cozy […]

We couldn’t walk a few feet on Temple Square without someone passing by and calling out to Dawn and Thomas with a “Congratulations!” or “LOVE your dress. Which was for good reason because Dawns dress was STUNNING! The delicate ivory lace was paired over a dark cream. It had so much depth and was the perfect […]

FOR SALE! I have been spring cleaning our apartment the last few weeks. I have gone through my closet and gotten rid of old clothes that I never wear, I have cleaned out our storage and linens and this week I have made it to my “camera closet”. The guest room of our house is where […]

In 2002, I was a freshman in high school sitting in Ms. Stackhouse’s photography film class. The class was filled with a majority of Juniors and Seniors who had seniority over the underclassman in selecting their schedules and it was easy to feel like the uncool freshman sister to everyone in there.  Each week, we had […]

You guys have seen their engagements, and you have seen their formals, but now it is time to share their beautiful wedding day. Brittanie had thought through every little detail. She had incorporated so many of her wonderful family into her celebration that couldn’t help but to feel like one of the bunch. The sky […]

This wedding season has been a beautiful. I have loved my brides and groom, I love celebrating them with on their wedding day and seeing them in the anticipation of the big day during their engagement session. I love weddings and love being a wedding photographer. But it is a little refreshing to do something […]

I am a believer in goals. I think they are a great motivator and encourager! They help people change and grow! But boy are they intimidating. As my business has changed and grown, my goals for it have changed, but I have felt paralyzed to really set them and make achievable sets for a while. […]

I love the detail oriented bride! I have been at and photographed tons of weddings in the last 3 years and I can strongly attest that details of a wedding make a big difference. Those details help set apart your day and make your wedding completely unique. Details can help tie styles together and emphasize […]

It is no mystery that this time of year is in short supply of green trees. Fall has faded and the snow is setting in! We are getting ready for the holidays and buckling down for some chilly months! So finding places to shoot that still have the beauty of outdoor natural light and a […]