Am I safe to say that this year has flown by surprisingly fast? In a blink of an eye we are in October and wedding season in Texas might be at its peak. I am already booking weddings from October 2017 and thinking of how different life has been for Trevor and I since the […]

It’s not every day you are swept away on a surprise 24 hour trip to New York City during Christmas… I sat listening to Kelli and Andy jointly tell their proposal story and it felt like I was listening to a lifetime movie plot line. Imagine taking time off of work to go to a wedding before […]

There is a whole new level of class that has added a feminine and romantic feel to the getting ready part of a wedding day. Imagine the hustle of a wedding day morning. You are getting hair and makeup done and your bridesmaids are running around asking people where their earnings went. Bottles of champagne have […]

In some ways it feels like we have been married longer. ANNNNNND that might be my fault because I  know that I have been telling people we have been married for “almost 5 years” for… a while. I’m just rounding up, which is completely within reason. Trevor and I met 6 years ago and have […]

I was sitting in my apartment in Utah knowing that our move to Texas was coming soon. Moving has been an exciting journey for me and Breanna McKendrick Photography. It has forced me to stretch in new ways, find a new drive in my business and hustle! I was eager to hit the ground running […]

Well folks, it is here. November. I think time speeds up as you get older. I remember as a little kid it took FOREVER before the year was up. Now it flies by in a blink of an eye and now we are in November. Only a two month until a new year and only […]

Ok, first of all, if you are still on the fence about spending the money to attend a workshop, go back and read yesterdays post. If you have read it already, you know why I go. I love sharing with everyone my experiences about these workshops! Last week I spent 3 days down in Boling, […]

It is no small secret that I really enjoy going to photography workshops, coaching sessions and conferences. Do these things add up to be a lot of money? You bet! So even though I have have experience shooting weddings for 4+ years, photographed over 100 weddings (either as a primary shooter or a second shooter), and […]

My parents were really good about making sure we took trips when we were younger to get to know our extended family. I remember driving to Colorado several times from our home in New Mexico to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins and those times together often were some of our summer vacations. So I […]

Life is full of changes. When I started 2015 I *thought* I had plans for how it would unfold, but little did I know it would really pan out. When 2015 started, I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was working at ARUP Laboratories as a Medical Technologist. I would work 70 hours […]