Baby Will. 3 Months and Counting.

It is hard to stretch outside of your comfort zone. I have countless examples of times when I was too scared to do something because it was new and different and I didn’t know how things were going to turn out. Well, I have had that approach to children photography these last few years. I have never advertised myself as a children’s photographer because I never did it before, I didn’t know how to do it, and I just didn’t know if it was going to work out for me. I am here to say, sometimes (maybe even the majority of times) it is best to stretch outside that comfort zone, learn something new and do something different.  If I did not do that this last week, this post would never have existed.

One of my great friends Natalie and her then fiance, Jeremy was one of the very first couples that I ever did an engagement session for. Now several years later, they just had their first child. A darling little boy that knows how to steal hearts away within a matter of seconds. He is absolutely adorable! I am so glad Natalie found a time that worked out for us to have a session featuring her 3 month old boy.  We took an hour and rented a studio in downtown SLC (Ashley is the owner of  LaBuervenich Photography, you have to go check out her site here! Not only does she have a darling studio, but she is extremely talented at what she does).

Look at what good things can come when you try something new (and I have about 100 more darling images on my computer).

2013-02-05_0001 2013-02-05_0002 2013-02-05_0003 2013-02-05_0004 2013-02-05_0005 2013-02-05_00062013-02-05_0007 2013-02-05_0008 2013-02-05_0009 2013-02-05_0010 2013-02-05_0011 2013-02-05_0012 2013-02-05_0013 2013-02-05_0015 2013-02-05_0021

A little valentines loves for Natalie’s little boy! I love these.

2013-02-05_0018 2013-02-05_00202013-02-05_0019



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