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Canvas Blog Post-13PinI am sure my wedding photography was bitting her lip when I tried to email her asking if we could take prints OUT of my wedding package. Yup, that is right, I wanted to take the included prints out! Oh if I could go back in time and talk myself out of such nonsense. Luckily for me, our wedding photographer did.

Everyone wants digital files of their wedding, family session, senior session etc.  And trust me, I am all on board for letting client have digital images to use in our digital world!!! I do give digital files to all of my clients for all of my sessions! I know that you want to share your pictures with friends on Facebook and Instagram, and please do!

But with that said, there is something wonderful about having your beautiful images printed professionally, creating fabulous art for your home! These prints are there to help remember a piece of your vows when you walk into a room and see one of your wedding photos.  They are there to help us cherish our smiling family as you pass down the hallways on the way to the laundry room. Having these prints and canvases are some of the reasons we go out of our way to get our picture taken!

I  have done a lot of research into companies that I trust printing my work. I spend hours upon hours culling through pictures and editing them to be their best. I want your prints to reflect that time and effort that has gone into making them spectacular. If you really want beautiful artwork to hang in your home, you may want to consider getting a canvas made from your session! Let me show you why!

Canvas prints beautiful ways to display your loved ones and memories. The image is printed on an art canvas which will be stretched onto a solid wood frame. 
Canvas Blog Post-1

One sign of a great canvas is the corners. You want a tight corner that doesn’t bulge and is professionally finished. The image will wrap around the 1-2 inch side creating a lot of depth to any wall. 
Canvas Blog Post-6

This woven texture!! It truly makes your images feel like art to be shown off.
Canvas Blog Post-11

I look for canvases that have finished backs. No ugly staples, nails, or untucked edges to stick out. These canvases have a black backer board with the hanging hardware already placed in the center of your canvas. All you need is a simple nail in the wall and these guys are up! 
Canvas Blog Post-3Canvas Blog Post-8

Every canvas print is finished off with a clear acrylic coating, providing a very scratch resistant protective layer with a satin luster.
Canvas Blog Post-9

Simply put, a canvas is above and beyond the typical print. They are everything in one. Beautiful art, image, and frame all wrapped together.

Oh how I am glad that my wedding photographer convinced me to keep print in my wedding package.  As a kid, I remember into my parents bedroom and seeing a 11×14 image of their engagement photo (Dad, young with a full head of hair and when my Mom with her Farrah Fawcett styling!)  Now I  have my wedding and family photos in my room, for my kids to eventually laugh at (for how hip and cool we were, and still are!) and for Trevor and I remember what it is like to be two kids crazy in love.

Think you want beautiful prints and canvases in your home? Contact me! They can be in your home before you know it!

Thanks to Jeremy and Natalie’s and their wonderful family session shown all over this blog post and on these great canvases!

(Prints are currently optional and can be added on to any of your sessions)



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