I couldn’t wait to show you guys a little of these two….

They worked together. She was a swim coach and he was a life guard. It is fair to say they weren’t even on each others radar until a mutual co-worker interfered with a plan that would ultimately end up in changing both of their lives.  A little talk with Jeron and the co-worker had him […]

The weather has been warming up and we all have been itching for spring. People were out and about on the lake, canoes in hand, camping chairs and fishing poles set up. Michelle and Kevin got out of their car in the parking lot of Tibble Fork. Thank goodness they did. It was easy to spot […]

My parents moved to Houston Texas when I was away at college in Utah. I would joke with them about how they were moving to another country filled with cowboy pride and lone stars. Well, it was not until I came to visit the state itself that I realized that people LOVE Texas. Even just […]

Do I get nervous before a session. Yes. There is something about meeting a new couple that puts excitement butterflies in my stomach. But this session with Amy and Logan was unlike any other session and the butterflies were in full flight all day! I have been working on a few new branding projects lately! […]

Utah is in THAT stage. The stage where all the snow has melted but few things have started to bloom. For the most part the trees are still bare and the ground is still brown. So what do you do when you go to take your engagements in this brown mess??  Sometimes it is just […]

There are moments when all the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place. This past engagement session at Tibble Fork was just one of those days where you count your lucky stars that those puzzle pieces fell into just the right places.  Anna and Sage are getting married this May, (cough my birthday month, […]

The sun is always shinning in the southwest. Ok, call me out, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. Growing up in New Mexico, I know that even in the desert of the southwest you get gloomy days, rain and even shockingly snow. However take one look at this lovely late February engagement […]

I love how unique each of my brides rings are! Here is a peek of the ring from tonights engagement session. I was melting over this morganite and rose gold. Sigh.

Elegant. Taylor and Aja are an elegant couple. Which made shooting at the majestic capitol and near by Memory Grove Park ideal. It was a beautiful day, the green is just starting to come out and remind us all how fresh life is.