Ok, first of all, if you are still on the fence about spending the money to attend a workshop, go back and read yesterdays post. If you have read it already, you know why I go. I love sharing with everyone my experiences about these workshops! Last week I spent 3 days down in Boling, […]

It is no small secret that I really enjoy going to photography workshops, coaching sessions and conferences. Do these things add up to be a lot of money? You bet! So even though I have have experience shooting weddings for 4+ years, photographed over 100 weddings (either as a primary shooter or a second shooter), and […]

FOR SALE! I have been spring cleaning our apartment the last few weeks. I have gone through my closet and gotten rid of old clothes that I never wear, I have cleaned out our storage and linens and this week I have made it to my “camera closet”. The guest room of our house is where […]

I feel like I have been keeping a secret for far too long!!  Life is about to get a little bit crazy here in the McKendrick household and BIG life changes are coming! I told my mom that Trevor and I had a big announcement and quickly realized that if I was going to start off that […]

New years always comes with new excitement, new goals, and a fresh look on my photography business. I have spent a lot of time investing in education, brand and experience for my photography, and to be honest, it is one of my more favorite parts of running a business. The idea that Breanna McKendrick Photography […]

Is it even possible to run a full time photography business when you have a full time job??? I think all of my photography friends will agree that building a photography business is not a small task. I know I am not alone in running a full time business alongside a full time job, part […]

The main ingredient to any beautiful photograph is beautiful LIGHT!  I feel like I should climb up on my little photographer’s soap box and begin a sermon here. *Climb* Ahem. Lets begin. Lighting is master. You might think what makes you a wonderful photographer is knowing how to pose or having that great Thinktank bag […]

If you are starting out in photography you will find yourself in uncharted territory on where to spend your hard (HARD) earned money. The list of things you need to start a photography business is overwhelming. You need a web domain, you need a website, you need the camera body, a few lenses, light equipment, […]

I have been blown away with how much Breanna McKendrick Photography has grown. I have loved getting to know my brides and celebrating with them. I am convinced that they are the sweetest, most sincere, and down right stunning brides in the world! I have always wanted to give 150% to each of my brides […]

To be honest, the idea of an engagement session is a little strange. You book a photographer and meet at your engagement session as strangers. You are asked to cuddle and smooch in front of a camera. You have no idea what the pictures will look like. You are nervous and self-conscious. Sounds like a recipe for fun, right? The […]