My parents were really good about making sure we took trips when we were younger to get to know our extended family. I remember driving to Colorado several times from our home in New Mexico to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins and those times together often were some of our summer vacations. So I […]

I was gearing up for a snowing and cold wedding when Yvonne told me of her  December wedding date. But this Utah winter has been surprisingly warm! I haven’t needed to white knuckle grip my steering wheel while trying to drive through white roads, which I am thrilled about.  Winter weddings are charming. The cozy […]

We couldn’t walk a few feet on Temple Square without someone passing by and calling out to Dawn and Thomas with a “Congratulations!” or “LOVE your dress. Which was for good reason because Dawns dress was STUNNING! The delicate ivory lace was paired over a dark cream. It had so much depth and was the perfect […]

One of the best parts about a wedding is having all your loved ones gather together. It is hard to get our little family together as we are split right between Texas and Utah and that isn’t an easy day trip!  So as Katelin and Brayden’s wedding got closer I started to get more and more […]

I have been most anxious for this post for a long time! Katelin and Brayden started dating and I was skeptical as I think as all older sisters usually are. That is not atypical right? As Katie talked about Brayden, first he was was the “cute boy from school”, then it was “this guy that […]

In 2002, I was a freshman in high school sitting in Ms. Stackhouse’s photography film class. The class was filled with a majority of Juniors and Seniors who had seniority over the underclassman in selecting their schedules and it was easy to feel like the uncool freshman sister to everyone in there.  Each week, we had […]

Our wedding day was COLD! Utah…. in December…. what can you expect?! I had been stressing all month long that there would be a snow storm or that the roads wold be bad for our guests to travel. That was a risk of choosing December for our wedding date!  Fortunately, we woke up and the […]

You guys have seen their engagements, and you have seen their formals, but now it is time to share their beautiful wedding day. Brittanie had thought through every little detail. She had incorporated so many of her wonderful family into her celebration that couldn’t help but to feel like one of the bunch. The sky […]

You might recognize these two crazy kid now. Their beautiful engagement pictures and formal pictures have been on the blog and it has been fun sharing them. Alyson is a gorgeous girl and did such a beautiful job putting together a wonderful day for her celebration. It was full of vintage details and this girl […]

I knew Dana and Matt’s wedding was going to be fun from the very first conversations we had about it. Dana’s plan for her wedding was rustic barnyard party. It was full with the details of a texas gal, boots, delicious BBQ and games in the fields. This girl is certainly a southern bride at […]