Marykate and Eric

As a kid, it was a common family vacation to pack the car and drive from our home in New Mexico to Denver to visit my Dad’s brother and his family. My siblings and my cousins in Denver were around the same age and we got to see ourselves grow up and go through high school around the same time. But it wasn’t until college when I feel like I really got to know some of my cousins. Eric was at school for a few semesters as I was, and we could carpool up to my Grandpa’s house for Sunday dinners once a month. My cousin Eric is always up for an adventure and laugh, as his life is full of both. He has traveled to see the world through new perspectives (which I admire) and teaches passionately (which I also admire).

Eric, after meeting Marykate, its no doubt that you are getting the better end of the deal! Marykate is a girl that listens to people with heart, it is so easy to talk to her! Listening to her friends during toasts and speeches at the wedding made me realize that this girl invests deeply and sincerely with those closest to her.

Eric and Marykate as passionate about a lot of things. The Mountains being one, which set for the perfect backdrop to their wedding. New Orleans is another (which now that I have gone too, I see the drawn) but literally, I think Marykate knows that city better than I know my own apartment. If you are ever in need of a good restaurant in NOLA, Marykate is the girl to give you stellar recommendations. Music plays a big part of the relationship and so does friendship with those around them. Their ceremony was set up to incorporate all the unique aspects that they love together.  Mountains, Music, Friendship, and even the NOLA style Second Line.

I shed a tear as they share vows written to each other. With a ceremony like theirs, it inspired me to come home to Trevor and appreciate and care for our relationship a little more. I think good people in this world, like Marykate and Eric, are the type of people to encourage other to be a little better, a little more involved and a little more caring. Enjoy a little highlight from their beautiful day!



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