Desert Raven.

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I really try to seek out opportunities to expand my creativity and skill levels. When Kelli West and Courtney Bowlden mentioned they were stylizing four specific shoots, I knew I wanted to be on board! Sometimes it is hard in the middle of wedding season to think outside the box and remain creative. It was truly refreshing to breath in, play, and expand my typical limits. Because of the styling of this shoot, I specifically wanted to do some of Christina’s images in black and white. However, I still cannot resist the beautiful glow of a sunset color, so today we get both!

So, feeling in a rut? Really open up and see what can truly happen in a camera. This is part of the magic of photography that I truly love.

Check out more from this wonderful session from the wonderful Becca Lund.

This was the second part of a four part series.
PART ONE: Vintage Summer

Stylized by: Kelli West Photography and Courtney Bowlden Photography 
Model: Christina Marie Winn
Hair by Christine Allan Aders
Make up by: Linda Hahn



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