Erica and Byron. Draper Temple Wedding.

The snow was lightly falling. Just enough to give you the romantic feel. NO T the full Utah blizzard feel. Erica and Byron’s day seemed to flow with such ease, which I think should be credited to Erica’s great and studious planning! Her choice of colors of the beautiful yellow brought a little life to the day and in all of her cute details around the Draper LDS temple.


Now, I am not an official match maker, but you don’t need to be to tell that Erica and Byron are the perfect fit for one another.  They both come from fairly large families. Each with nieces and nephews who look up to these two. Byron was dedicated early on in their relationship to pursue Erica. Even living 1300+ miles apart, him in Texas, and her in Utah,  didn’t stop them from falling for each other. (That might be credit to supportive friends and family members as well!)

Both Erica and Byron are dedicated and honest people who have a history of serving those around them. I cannot image what incredible things will come into their lives now that these two are conquering life united and together.

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I think all of Erica’s bridesmaids could be models. They are a gorgeous group of girls!

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I know I ooze over rings a lot…. but can you blame me?! Look at Erica’s beautiful custom designed ring.

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These great columns and window wells are some of the reason I love shooting at the Draper LDS temple.

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After Erica and Byron’s temple ceremony, the group headed to Heritage Gardens for a family dinner and reception. It is a beautiful wedding venue that has such a cozy elegant feel to it! It matched Erica and Byron’s day completely.

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There is a story to be told here.  Byron’s family has a tradition that relates back to their Canadian roots. A Calgary Mayor started the tradition to give white Stetson hat to honored guest that came to the town, and this family happens to be related to that very Mayor! So as Erica joined the family, Byron’s father presented her with a hat and an oath to welcome her in! I don’t think she saw this coming. 🙂

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A lot of LDS brides ask when they can have “getting ready” images if we do not meet before the temple. Well, if you have ever wondered, a lot of times we can take these images right before the reception. Erica took a few minutes before her reception guests showed up to touch up her hair and make up. It doesn’t take long, but adds a little bit of the excitement of getting ready as a bride in your venue’s beautiful brides room.

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Heritage Gardens was beautiful! Both Erica and Byron are well loved. They had so many genuine friends and family come to the reception to wish their well wishes to the couple!

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There is nothing better than warm hot coco filled with a dollop of homemade whip cream.

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