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I am guilty of seeing what old friends are up to on facebook, instagram, etc, but struggle to have “real” conversations and physically meeting up! As we have all gotten older, these get togethers takes planning and scheduling, etc. and gets really hard sometimes to make the time! Little did I know that one of the bonuses of being a photographer, is getting to see great friends during their photo session! Natalie and I were roommates in college and I have LOVED seeing life change for the both of us in the last several years as we have gotten married and seeing her little boy grow!

Our session was short (crazy rain!) which left me still craving time to see my dear friend! Lucky for me, Natalie’s little boy just turned ONE and she really wanted to do a cake smash session with him as well! He was so cute, and kept eyeing his mom as if to say “Are you SURE you want to me eat this whole cake?”. ¬†This maybe one of the few times that a Mom will ever let a a kid tear into a chocolate cake all to themselves.

Glauser-5 Glauser-6 Glauser-10 Glauser-31 Glauser-34 Glauser-42 Glauser-51 Glauser-62 Glauser-63 Glauser-73 Glauser-74 Glauser-89 Glauser-91 Glauser-85

Here is a few from little Will’s cake smash session!Cake Smash-10 Cake Smash-13 Cake Smash-21 Cake Smash-22 Cake Smash-28 Cake Smash-33 Cake Smash-39 Cake Smash-55



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