Gretchen | Graduating Senior.

“So where are you going to college?”
“A school out in Georgia”
“Wow- that is quite the drive from Utah. Which school?”
“Georgia Military College”

Jaw Drop.

Gretchen Gochnour-193

Gretchen is a lively girl. She is confident, smart, and mature for her age. When I hang out with her, I feel like we have always been friends and that she is 26 along with me. Not a graduating high school senior. She comes from one the most thoughtful and genuine families I know.  So, it shouldn’t be any surprise when Gretchen told me that she wanted to join the Navy. This girl has plans, knows how to work hard, and is as smart as a tack. After two years at Georgia Military College she wants to transfer to the Naval Academy in Annapolis. I have the all the respect in the world for this girl. She has the world in the palm of her hand.

Gretchen Gochnour-003 Gretchen Gochnour-027 Gretchen Gochnour-031 Gretchen Gochnour-043 Gretchen Gochnour-065
Gretchen’s mom and dad has only two requests. For mom, she wanted a picture by the Dogwood Tree. This tree doesn’t normally grow in Utah, but it must be in the perfect spot because this one is strong and blossoming. For Dad, he wanted a picture with Gretchen and his old Land Rover. Gretchen was fine with the Dogwood Tree. But the Land Rover was another story….

Gretchen Gochnour-073 Gretchen Gochnour-127 Gretchen Gochnour-135
With her two twin brothers gone on a church mission to Germany, the family dog has become a sibling and buddy to Gretchen. Guapo followed us all around the house and desperately wanted to be in the pictures. He photo bombed more than one picture.

Gretchen Gochnour-143 Gretchen Gochnour-151 Gretchen Gochnour-169 Gretchen Gochnour-193 Gretchen Gochnour-197 Gretchen Gochnour-207 Gretchen Gochnour-211 Gretchen Gochnour-219 Gretchen Gochnour-237 Gretchen Gochnour-253 Gretchen Gochnour-259 Gretchen Gochnour-269 Gretchen Gochnour-271 Gretchen Gochnour-279
This house. Guys,  I am secretly waiting for their family to move so I can purchase it. It is full of charm and little details that make it the perfect place to call home. I really wanted to shoot inside their library. I adore that relaxing nook of the house.

Gretchen Gochnour-283 Gretchen Gochnour-289 Gretchen Gochnour-299 Gretchen Gochnour-327 Gretchen Gochnour-337 Gretchen Gochnour-339

Dad got his wish. The Land Rover pictures. It took a little lighter fluid (I think? Some flammable aerosol spray….) and a little hustle and bustle to get this car started up.

Gretchen Gochnour-357Gretchen Gochnour-345

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