I think I am turing out just like you. | Happy Father’s Day

Dear Dad,
Sometimes Mom tells me that you and I are cut out of the same cloth. This *might* be true.

Here are 7 reasons that could support this claim:

1) We both like a clean house, free of the clutter and “stacks” that build up and stress us out.
2) We both have “our pens” that are preferred over any other, without question.
3) We both REALLY enjoy a good motorcycle ride.
4) We like to plan out the family vacations (keeping our vacation time efficient) and like to get on the road “on time”.
5) We like to use our spreadsheets. Yes, it’s true, secret’s out. I even used spreadsheets to compare and contrast wedding venues when I was planning my wedding.
6) We like physics demos and playing with liquid nitrogen. (Or the many “magical things” you would bring home from work.)
7) I made a list to tell you that I love you and Happy Father’s Day.

Your engineering minded, creative hearted, turning-out-a-lot-like-her-father-and-that-is-just-fine-with-me, daughter

(PS – I realize living over 1,400 miles away from my parents, we don’t have much of an opportunity to take pictures together, so a little flash back to my college graduation of the two of us.)

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