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So honest confession. When I was getting married, there were very few things that I had a particular vision for. For example, I didn’t really care what my bridesmaids wore and I wasn’t set on a particular style at all. The first one dark purple dress I like, I had them all order it. (I choose a deep purple with little bits of yellow for our wedding colors. I thought the deep color of purple could look winter without being “Christmas”. Which was great for our December 16th wedding.)

There was a few things I DID care about. When I was the bride, I was picky about what I wanted my invitation to look like.  About half of my close college friends got married in the few years at school and I worked at a bridal salon as a part time job. Between those years and being a wedding photographer, I think it is safe to say I have seen HUNDREDS of wedding announcements and invitations.  I knew what looks I liked and what I didn’t.  This was the first thing my guests were seeing that would represent our wedding and I wanted it to be good.

It is such a treat to see my own BM Brides send me their invitations and see a little sneak peek of their wedding celebrations and themes. A good designed invitation and stationary is a fabulous sign of a wonderful, detail oriented celebration!

But, I’m not the expert on wedding stationary. Let me introduce you to my friend Jacki Miller with Jacki Miller Photo + Design. Jacki is an Arizona based wedding photographer and graphic designer. (Powerful combination there!) She has an eye for details and I have fallen in love with everything she makes. It can be the invitation itself, ceremony cards, or menus, it is all beautiful.

I wanted to let Jacki tell a little bit about herself and how your wedding stationary can make a difference for your big day.  All of the images are designs and stationary that Jacki has made. Those lucky brides! It is beautiful!

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Hey! My name is Jacki Miller and I am a designer located in the sunny state of Arizona! I am super thrilled that Breanna asked me to give a little spill about my work and thoughts on wedding announcements!

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1. How did I get into stationary design?  
So the very first wedding announcements I designed were my very own! I always wanted to give designing wedding announcements a try, so I thought “why not try designing my own?”. I had gone to college for photography and graphic design, so I did have a little experience with design. I went for it and ended up loving it. You can view my very first wedding announcement designs HERE. After that, I asked a few of my current brides if they were interested in having a custom designed announcement for their wedding for free. They all said yes 🙂 I have been designing announcement for about 2 1/2 years now.

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2. What is a day in the life of Jacki look like?
I wake up at about 7:30 a.m. every morning and check my emails. I try and email all my clients back within 24-48 hrs. Then if I’m feelin up to it, I go work out…(which may or may not happen on a rare occasion). Then I get started on all my projects! I work till about 5 or 6 everyday or until my husband comes home. Then we both try to do something fun after work. We will either go on a motorcycle ride, watch a movie, or go on a walk 🙂

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3. How can beautiful wedding stationary and invitation make a difference for a bride?
 Oh man, I LOVE getting a beautiful announcement in the mail! Who doesn’t, right? When I get a beautiful invitation that was well designed and put together, it gets me SOOO excited for their wedding. I feel that your wedding announcement is the first part of your wedding that your guests get to see! So why not have something designed that you absolutely LOVE!  I want my brides invites to get everyone excited for the best day of their lives 🙂

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4. What is something I am loving recently? What inspires me?
I am in love with anything botanical or organic. If you look through my work, you will notice that I use a lot of florals and leaves with almost everything I do. My logo even has leaves in it! I am an outdoors gal, so anything that deals with mountains, gardens, or forests is right up my alley. These things also inspire my day to day design routine. One place I love to go to get some design inspiration is the mall! And not because I love to shop, haha, but because I love looking at all the signs, and windows in each store. I am always snapping pictures of coupons, window setups, and textures I see in stores. Anthropologie, H&M, Free People, and Lush always have great branding, setups and killer designs all over their stores.

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5. What is my favorite part about owning a small business?  What is the most exciting part of what I do?
I LOVE being my own boss. I love picking my hours, and picking projects that I WANT to do. I used to take on every inquiry that came my way…BAD IDEA. I ended up hating half the projects I took on and felt like I wasn’t able to give a great final product 100% of the time to all my clients. I decided to only take on projects that I knew I would love doing, and knew I could do a killer job on. The most exciting part of what I do is getting to meet and work with AMAZING clients. Whether it’s other vendors in the wedding industry or brides themselves, I am loving each new client I bring on. When I receive an email or text saying how much they loved their paper details, that right there is my favorite part about designing. Getting to see the final product before anyone else is really exciting too 🙂



The design process  is incredible and I know with a gal like Jacki, it will be fun and enjoyable. She can create something completely unique to you that will reflect your wedding day! She is the girl that I am now referring everyone. (And will use for my own photography business stationary when I re-brand. But that is a “secret” project for now!)

As you are engaged and thinking about what stationary you need, here is a list of common items. Depending on your event, you might need a few of these or  you might need all of them.

-Save the Dates
-RSVP Inserts
-Ceremony Programs
-Escort Cards
-Table Numbers
-Dinner Menus
-Thank you Cards

When each of these items tie together, your theme and style of the day is emphasized for your guest to see and enjoy.

If you are looking for a talented designer for your own event, you need to check out Jacki’s website! (If you are not in Arizona, like me, don’t worry. You don’t have to be in the same location as your designer to have a successful relationship and communication!)

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