Kaitlin and Austin. Glowing Engagements.

Kaitlin and Austin-22Kaitlin and Austin-27Kaitlin and Austin-57Kaitlin and Austin-48Kaitlin and Austin-62Kaitlin and Austin-15Kaitlin and Austin-70Kaitlin and Austin-66Kaitlin and Austin-76Kaitlin and Austin-91Kaitlin and Austin-127 Kaitlin and Austin-131 Kaitlin and Austin-134Kaitlin and Austin-172Kaitlin and Austin-177Kaitlin and Austin-174Kaitlin and Austin-99 Kaitlin and Austin-183Kaitlin and Austin-216 Kaitlin and Austin-208 Kaitlin and Austin-205 Kaitlin and Austin-226Kaitlin and Austin-228

Kaitlin and Austin are just one of those couples that simply said, just fit together like two pieces of a puzzel. Kaitlin has an infectious laugh and Austin knows exactly how to bring it out  of her!  It is so easy to see how much he truly treasure his soon to be wife. Congrats guys. You make one amazing team.



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