Katie and Brad | First Look Session

TODAY IS THE DAY! Katie and Brad is becoming husband and wife today! What better way to celebrate than to share their beautiful first look formal session at the elegant Utah State Capitol.

I first met Katie from being a church camp counselor. She was bubbly and FUN! I feel like everyone knows Katie and everyone LOVES Katie. Both Katie and Brad are invested in the lives of those they care about and no doubt will be surrounded by good friends and family for their wedding day! When I was going over the final timeline with Brad and Katie, even Brad mentioned how in the “friend” pictures, there might be 30+ of Katie’s closest friends.

There are people who make everyone around them feel happy and uplifted. Katie and Brad are two of those people. Troubles do not seem as significant and they light up the room with their smiles.

Formals-001 Formals-003 Formals-006 Formals-012 Formals-014 Formals-018
Katie, you are beautiful!

Formals-022 Formals-026 Formals-030 Formals-031 Formals-032
Brad waits for Katie for their first look.

Formals-036 Formals-037 Formals-038 Formals-039 Formals-047 Formals-048 Formals-049 Formals-051 Formals-053 Formals-055 Formals-059 Formals-061 Formals-062 Formals-071 Formals-072 Formals-073 Formals-081 Formals-082 Formals-089
One of the best parts of shooting at the Utah State Capitol is being so close to Memory Grove Park. It is beautiful this time of year with greenery and roses all around. I think it matches perfectly with Katie and Brad’s elegant wedding.

Formals-091 Formals-093 Formals-094 Formals-096 Formals-100 Formals-105 Formals-109 Formals-119 Formals-120 Formals-123 Formals-125 Formals-130

Formals-131PRINT Formals-140 Formals-145 Formals-147 Formals-152 Formals-153 Formals-158 Formals-163 Formals-171

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