Kimberly + Travis | Purple Oquirrh Mountain Wedding

The sky was dark and a little heavy. The forecast called for a little bit of rain, but what we were not expecting was a lot of rain. Travis and Kimberly’s family started to gather after the ceremony looking at the sky and watching the sprinkle turn into a storm. Umbrellas were out in moments. Guest took shelter under the overhangs of the Oquirrh Mountain LDS temple.

Even though the rain came down, the guests were happy, families were mingling together, and everyone was excited. These two families were celebrating as Kimberly and Travis were married as man and wife.

Now I could talk all day long about how much I love shooting in Utah. But the Oquirrh Mountain LDS temple might be the best LDS temple to shoot at if there is case of inclement weather. There are beautiful overhangs that are large enough to keep the whole wedding group dry and keep your family dry for family pictures. Not only does everyone get to stay dry but there is a beautiful cove in the front  of the temple that blocks the wind. So two big elements that can potentially ruin pictures are worry free. And it  sits on top of the hill to over look the beautiful valley.

Wedding-006 Wedding-020
Kimberly loves purple. When I say Kimberly loves purple, I mean Kimberly LOVES purple.

I think everyone on both sides of the family knew that the wedding color would be purple. But I think it was a surprise to find that it was Kimberly who wanted to wear purple on her wedding day. So Kimberly started the search for a perfect PURPLE WEDDING DRESS! Not purple bridesmaid dresses, a purple WEDDING dress. When she could not find the right color, she turned to a good friend that is a seamstress that made her dress custom to what Kimberly wanted! Way to go Kimberly! I love a bride that is confident and excited to make their wedding unique and special to them.

Wedding-029 Wedding-041Wedding-030 Wedding-049
To be completely honest, the Oquirrh Mountain Temple is one of the best LDS temples in Utah to handle the weather and still get beautiful pictures. There are over hangs that can fit your entire wedding group and family. There is a beautiful cove in the front that blocks the wind on 3 sides, and it sits on a hill that over looks the beautiful valley.

Wedding-056 Wedding-089
We were so lucky to have the sun come out and start to dry out the ground for bridal party pictures and pictures of the bride and groom!

Wedding-159 Wedding-165 Wedding-171 Wedding-176 Wedding-228 Wedding-231
Travis comes from such a caring, welcoming and genuine families. And although all found siblings are married now with families of their own, they still laugh and goof around like they have never been apart.

Kimberly and Travis’ parents held pictures from their own wedding day as they celebrated their children getting married.



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