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Krissi Maternity-005__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerThis wedding season has been a beautiful. I have loved my brides and groom, I love celebrating them with on their wedding day and seeing them in the anticipation of the big day during their engagement session. I love weddings and love being a wedding photographer. But it is a little refreshing to do something new every once and a while. It keeps my “photo eyes” sharp and my mind creative. I feel like there are things I do and see from my non-wedding shoots that I can take back and incorporate into my bride and groom portraits to make them even better.

So although I do not regularly post about my additional session, I find there is a wonderful satisfaction in shooting these sessions. It was a no brainer when videographer friend Krissi Cook called asking about maternity pictures. For this girl, I feel like I would do anything. She is kind, genuine, and real. Krissi has a way to capture her a couple fun side of them during a shoot and I LOVE working with her for that reason. They welcomed a little baby girl into their family in just just last month! Their family of three grew into a family of four. What a beautiful and wonderful time to capture and remember. I love that more and more women these days treasure the time they are pregnant instead of trying to hide their growing belly bump. Krissi is such a glowing mother and little baby girl has such a wonderful family to welcome her.

Krissi Maternity-024__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerKrissi Maternity-001__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerKrissi Maternity-071__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerKrissi Maternity-002__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer Krissi Maternity-018__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerKrissi Maternity-006__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer Krissi Maternity-058__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer

Krissi Maternity-014__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer

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