Lexi and Tyler. Rustic Salt Lake Wedding.

I was able to shoot Lexi and Tyler’s beautiful rustic wedding with the amazing Brooke Bakken of Brooke Bakken Photography.  Lexi and Tyler tied the knot on a gorgeous February day in Salt Lake (which is a miracle for Utah weather) and finished the night at Tyler’s family barn. It was full of  details, vintage cars, and charming rustic class. It was such a treat to share in their special day.

Brooke Bakken-3233 Brooke Bakken-3254 Brooke Bakken-3268 Brooke Bakken-3270 Brooke Bakken-3283

Brooke Bakken-3296 I love how Lexi and Tyler stole secret moments when all the crowd was distracted. Brooke Bakken-3366 These kids were hilarious to watch. I wish I could bottle their energy. Brooke Bakken-3484 Brooke Bakken-3486 Brooke Bakken-3567 This little guy waited so patiently to take a picture with beautiful Lexi. He is a darling for sure. Brooke Bakken-3604 Brooke Bakken-3648 Brooke Bakken-3681 Brooke Bakken-3736 Brooke Bakken-3749 Brooke Bakken-3780 Brooke Bakken-3795 Brooke Bakken-3800 Brooke Bakken-3802 Brooke Bakken-3810 Brooke Bakken-4103Brooke Bakken-3966Brooke Bakken-3905Brooke Bakken-3914Brooke Bakken-4011Brooke Bakken-3972These waffels were the best I have ever had. If you have never had the delicious waffels from  “Waffel Love” you are missing out. Seriously. The best.
Brooke Bakken-3985Brooke Bakken-4013Brooke Bakken-4016Brooke Bakken-4029Brooke Bakken-4026Brooke Bakken-4084Brooke Bakken-4088Brooke Bakken-4107Brooke Bakken-4092Brooke Bakken-4122Brooke Bakken-4060Brooke Bakken-3869



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