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Finding the perfect camera bag is HARD. There are tons of options out there. You use your bags for different things. Sometimes you need it to be a bag to hold all your gear through an airport. Sometimes you need it just to hold a few lenses for an engagement session. Sometimes you want to carry your camera on vacation and need the bag to operate as your purse and keep your camera safe and sound.

My husband tells me I own too many camera bags. (But in my defense, I think he would say anything beyond ONE camera bag is too many. And so what…. I do own a few.) I like my bags to work for me and not the other way around. When I am shooting I get in “THE ZONE”. It is almost like I lose track of all bodily needs. I forget if I am hungry. I forget if I am sore or tired. I have even gotten home from a wedding realizing that I have not used the restroom all day  without noticing.  We are talking THAT kind of zone. I give 150% to my sessions and I NEED a bag that can keep up with me. It needs to be another limb. It needs to function with me.

Well, if you are still searching, this might be the answer. Loblee Bags are amazing and beautiful bags. And even as elegant and feminine as they appear. These guys can hold up to the challenge. This is the quality that you are searching for.

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There are 2 styles that can serve very different purposes. There is the graceful “Alex” that comes in 3 colors. The details are phenomenal. It has a laser cut front showing the underlying colors that match the insides of the bag. There are fully customizable compartment to organize your gear.

The Alex is tall enough to fit a 70-200mm 2.8 lens without having any tugs are the zipper. And easy enough to fit a iPad and tablet in it with ease. This would be my go to bag for a simple session where I need just a few lenses. This is the bag I would take on vacation to Disneyland or France.

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Tangerine and Grey
Loblee Bags-034Loblee Bags-012

Grape and Mint
Loblee Bags-035Loblee Bags-015

The Gisele  is a sturdy bag. It is considerably larger than the “Alex”. It can comfortably fit ALL my gear. Which usually consists of 2 camera bodies, 3 lenses, two camera flashes and a handful of accessories (ie. extra batteries, chargers, cords, phone, keys, chapstick, etc.) and my 13″ MacBook Air, (although it believe its fits the 15″).  I love the braided leather around the outside flap. The extra pockets to fit all the little things that are easily accessibly. This would be the bag that I would take to bring all my gear and backup gear to a wedding. This is what I would bring with me on an airplane and not worry about having to check my precious camera gear.

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They really are great bags. Cute and functional.
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AND….. Loblee Bags has thought of a million things! You know that feeling searching through your bag, looking for your lens caps? Well Loblee has an answer for that. A small pocket in every bag that is easily accessible just for those caps!
Loblee Bags-029

Here is a little bit of what I could put into this bag with ease! (Not including the lens that I am shooting with!)  And don’t forget those little knick-knacks like keys, chapstick, batteries, etc.

Loblee Bags-041
I love the zipper option to open a flap that allows you to easily place these bags on top of your rolling suitcase. I don’t have to worry about it falling off or killing my shoulder in long security lines. When I don’t need it on my suitcase, I can zip up the bottom to turn it into a pocket to hold papers, client information, iPad, etc.

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So you think you might want this bag. It is competitively priced and I think it will solve your needs. But to one lucky follower of Breanna McKendrick Photography, I am giving away your choice of bag at 50% off! YUP. You read that right! The winner will pick your choice of Loblee Bag. And it is all your for 50% off.

Just enter below! The winner will be notified via email on Saturday March 8th!

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