Meet the Meldrums. Introducing My Family!

Meldrum Family-309

TWO YEARS! It has been two whole years since all of my family has been together in one place.  With 2 parents,  5 siblings, 3 great brother/sister-in laws, and 6 nieces and nephews, spread out all over the western United States, it has been hard to pull ALL of us together  in one Zip Code.  However, with a little magic and a lot of planning, we all got to be together for some of the Holidays in Houston, Texas.

We had to take advantage of the opportunity to do family portraits! Especially since the last ones we took were at MY WEDDING! So gathered everyone up, lined up the 16 outfits to see if they “coordinate”, planned times and a location, grabbed a tripod and we were good to go!

The WHOLE gang!

Meldrum Family-313

All five of us kid! There is an 18 year spread from the oldest to the youngest.

Meldrum Family-279
My Parents!  I realize they are a lot smarter and a lot funnier now that I have grown up and out of the teenage years. It was fun to pose my parents in my cute “engagement” poses and imaged them back on their own wedding day as a Bride and Groom.

Meldrum Family-260Meldrum Family-98
Meldrum Family-95 Meldrum Family-100
If we start at the oldest, We have my sister Tiffiny, her husband Dave, and their kids.

Meldrum Family-204 Meldrum Family-198 Meldrum Family-185 Meldrum Family-177
These guys are terrific parents!

Meldrum Family-179Meldrum Family-299 Meldrum Family-174
And their kids are so fun to watch! Cardin is the ham of the family, Ereland is as girly as they come, an Anastasia is the ring leader of the bunch!

Meldrum Family-143 Meldrum Family-115 Meldrum Family-102
I have to brag about my sister because she is AMAZING! After being married, getting an interior design degree, having three kids, she decided she wanted to be a doctor! Now she in right in the middle of medical school! She is the perfect example that you can do anything you want in life if you want it bad enough and work hard enough to get it!

Meldrum Family-205 Meldrum Family-212 Meldrum Family-213 Meldrum Family-221 Meldrum Family-159 Meldrum Family-123 Meldrum Family-135
Next is my Brother Brad, his fun wife Rachel and their kiddos!

Meldrum Family-32 Meldrum Family-34
These guys use to live in Utah, until they MOVED a million miles away from me! As sad as I am to see them go, it was a great move and great job for them in Texas!

Meldrum Family-47 Meldrum Family-51 Meldrum Family-55
I love how Charlie and Lucy are best friends.

Meldrum Family-72Meldrum Family-74Meldrum Family-67 Meldrum Family-76
Since they have moved to Texas, they have added one more to the group. Baby Claire. I got to meet her for the first time this Christmas, and fell in love. She is an adorable little girl.

Meldrum Family-283
I come next in line (Trevor and I that is). There is something about being the third child. All you middle children out there will get what I mean.

Meldrum Family-296 Meldrum Family-291
Here is my talented and beautiful little (but taller) sister Katelin! She is in college, living the life!  Busy with school, work, friends, etc.  Not to mention she is insanely talented and has a million interests and hobbies. She loves to backpack, horseback riding, she speaks Cantonese, and plays the piano.  She makes me miss all the spontaneous fun of college.

Meldrum Family-250 Meldrum Family-255
I have beautiful sisters!

Meldrum Family-245
And let’s not forget the 11 year old Steven.  He is the reason my parents will either stay young or have gray hair. He is the only member of my family to play in the school orchestra and NOT band.  He picked up the cello which my nephew Cardin calls “a big guitar”.

Meldrum Family-233 Meldrum Family-237
All the nieces and nephews! (Now, I understand Steve technically is Uncle Steve to this crew- but he loves playing and wrestling with all of them like brothers and sisters we had to throw him in the picture!)

Meldrum Family-272 Meldrum Family-276 Meldrum Family-269
I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones and getting to know us all a little more!



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