Michelle + Kevin | Provo Library Ballroom Wedding

The trees were just growing into their full greens and everyone enjoyed the suns brilliant warmth. Nieces and nephews anxious let some of the energy go with little running bursts as parents watched with careful eyes making sure grass stains did not become apart of the newly bought wedding outfits.

Michelle was a perfect bride. She was a beautiful. She was classic. She was graceful. And the way Kevin held his new bride showed the whole room that he never wanted to let her go. These two had a celebration that all their family participated in and radiated love.  These two families know to make the world around them a beautiful and wonderful place.

Michelle and Kevin’s ceremony was intimate and small with close friends and family around them. Michelle and Kevin choose to incorporate their family members into their bridal party, which shows all the more how much family means to the both of them. The maid of honor and best man were their closest and best friends. I can only image the long conversations these two supports had with this bride and groom, as engagement became closer and closer.

I enjoyed being with Kevin and Michelle every moment and every session. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to  work with a bride that trust you completely as a wedding photographer. I want to put my brides at ease that I will be there to photograph your wedding day moments. I cherish my couples and do all that I can to give them the best images I know how to give.

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