Picture Planning. What to wear for your pictures.

You made the call, scheduled the day, and now are faced with the dilemma. What are you going to wear to your photo session??? If you are like my family growing up, it seemed that the “what to wear” question was always a bigger stress than actually trying to find a day that worked for everyone in the family to even have the photo session.  Styles have changed and although it is fun to look back and laugh at those fantastic 80’s shoulder pads in your pant suit, wouldn’t it be great if you were not too embarrassed by your choice of outfits 20 years down the road?

So here 5 tips to help you find the answer to that age old question: WHAT DO I WEAR FOR MY PICTURES?


Number 1: Dress to bring out the best. 
There are reasons your mother never let you wear your pajamas to the family pictures. Find those outfits that make you feel confident and amazing. It shines through in your images.


Number 2: Look at textures and patterns!
You have seen those pictures. The ones where everyone is wearing the exact same thing.  You can all wear the same color scheme, but add a little variety with some subtle texture and patterns. It creates a level of depth and intrest for a picture.

Number 3: Layers are fantastic. 
When I have clients show up to a shoot with layers, it makes my heart sing. It creates so many possibilities. Take some pictures with a jacket on, take the jacket off, show off a cool vest, etc. One outfit can turn into three at the snap of a finger.


Number 4: Accessories and other details.
Just like textures and layers, accessories add intrest to an image. Add some fun earrings, a cute scarf, those fantastic shoes, bracelets or a simple roll of long pant cuffs. All of these details gives the opportunity to show more personality and color.


Number 5: Be yourself.  
Choose outfits that you feel comfortable in. If you never in a million years would wear a skirt, dont wear a skirt for your family pictures. If you are not a fan of high heels, do not feel the pressure to wear high heels just to make your legs look longer. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing it shows. (Exception: your wedding day… you might just have to smile through that tuxedo)


It can be a balancing game to find the right mix and blend for your particular shoot, whether it is a family shoot, maternity shoot, or engagement session. But lay out your options, try them on and check ourself out in the mirror, grab a friend and turn it into a fun fashion show. Who said this has to be stressful?