Rachel and Ethan. Mountain Engagements.

I took Rachel and Ethan’s picture long before we set out to take their engagement pictures. Rachel was a former bridesmaid for Kylie’s wedding earlier this year. (You might recognize her in Kylie and Clay’s wedding blog post.) Rachel and her boyfriend Ethan were fun and full of celebration for their friends on their special wedding day. They danced almost every song played that night, and it was easy to tell that these two knew how to dance! Great dancers make it look so easy, but let me tell you from personal experience, it is NOT.  Trevor and I stumbled through our first dance as a couple, literally. Half way through our first dance, Trevor slipped on my dress and fell straight to the floor! Oh the memories! So all of you dancers out there, hats off to you! You have got talent!

You could just tell that Rachel and Ethan were full of energy and fun and by the end of the night, they had come up to me and told me that they *may* be planning a wedding in the near future, and asked for my card. It was not  long after that I got a message from Rachel saying that things were official and we began planning on where to do her bridals and engagements pictures. I was thrilled to shoot Rachel’s bridals at Wadley Farms, where the two will celebrate their wedding day late October. (This makes my heart especially happy because Trevor and I celebrated our wedding day two years ago!) You will not be seeing her lovely bridals on the blog for a few weeks as not to ruin the surprise for Ethan!

Their engagements were in American Fork Canyon, a place where Rachel and Ethan have been together many times before as a couple. They made the session special with lots of cheer and energy. As a last minute surprise, Ethan pulled out his guitar for a few shots! I love the way Ethan can serenade Rachel with his amazing musical talent. Bringing something special and sentimental to your engagement session is always welcome! It adds a little more love and significance to your images. I love when couples can interact together over something they share within their relationship!
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