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Shellie got out of the car and I paused for a second squinting my eyes wondering if that was really Shellie, or if my already bad eyes were telling me it was time to get new contacts.   All of the face book pictures I saw of Shellie and Josh, Shellie had  hazelnut brown hair. But this neatly dressed girl smiling at me and waving was a beautiful blonde girl.  I wasn’t going crazy, Shellie had just done her hair a few days prior to our shoot. 🙂 Her new locks of hair looked so good. It made me debate changing my own hair color for a fun summertime change!

Not only are these two total babes, but Josh and Shellie are complete naturals in front of the camera! I know every couple had a little bit of nerves when they are getting their picture taken, (at least I know I did as a bride) but if Shellie and Josh did, they hid it so well!  They were full of smiles as Krissi Cook Films and myself worked together capturing their engagement. PS- if you do not know Krissi, you need to. Not only is she a wonderful videographer, but she is one of the kindest individuals I know. I can’t wait to shoot with this girl again. The video from Krissi is below and you need to watch it!


There are levels of “blindness” for a blind date. There are the “I have met him briefly before, but our friends are setting us up” blind date to the “I have no idea who this stranger is” type of blind date. Josh and Shellie were the second. They were strangers when Josh showed up with a firm handshake  to greet Shellie. Maybe it was the nerves of a first date or the butterflies of meeting such a gorgeous girl, but the two laughed  about the handshake when they talked about it now. But his nervous charm and talent for finding time for the two of them to spend together won Shellie’s heart over.

Shellie has a huge heart and during their dating, left to go  on an internship to Romania to help at local orphanages. Josh stayed back in Utah working and going to school. In Shellie’s own words, “THANK GOODNESS for technology! Our Skype sessions and emails were always something to look forward to. Although it was hard while we were apart, it was a needed time in our relationship to better ourselves and find what we both really wanted in life.”

Although I never went on an internship to Romania, I do know what it is like to have a long distance relationship. When I was engaged to Trevor, we spent a good majority of it in two different states. He was in San Francisco working at an accounting firm and I was in Utah finishing up my undergraduate degree. Our dates were few and far between as we flew back and forth, planning the wedding, and seeing downtown San Francisco. Facetime was the only way we got to see each other. Shellie couldn’t have put it more perfectly though. Time apart sometimes really is needed to better appreciate your significant other and the time you get to spend together.

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I have been really loving some classic and beautiful black and white photo lately. I edit my black and white pictures a little different than I do my color images. Emotions seem to light up. Espcially for a couple as charming as this. Excitied, in love, and anxiously waiting to tie the knot.

Now, can we talk about Shellie’s ring and how much I love it?! It is a classic oval and rose gold band. I love how she paired a diamond engagement ring with a straight band from Wilson’s Diamond with a pavé scalloped wedding band from Zales. Oh it is gorgeous.

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I am even more thrilled and excited to share with all of you Shellie and Josh’s beautiful engagement video. Krissi Cook Films is one of the best videographers I have gotten to work with. She makes you feel like you have been friends with her for as long as you can remember. Which is wonderful to have behind your wedding videography!


You want someone who will highlight your love story. You want someone that will let you have fun, enjoy your wedding like the guest of honor you are. This is what Krissi and I work so hard to do. Shellie and Josh, CONGRATS! I do not doubt that your wedding day will be full of beautiful details and lots of love.

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