Color Calibration. Salt Lake City Wedding.

The more I learn about photography, the more I realize how much more I have to learn. This is probably true with just about anything in life.

This week color calibration has been on my mind. I recently got myself a new monitor calibrator to help improve the quality of my prints. It came in the mail, I was pumped and excited, installed, calibrated… and then collapsed. Everything looked orange. I did not realize how much blue color was in my screen was before I calibrated it. Looking back it makes total sense. I would see a significantly blue image. When I would edit the images, I would warm them up. Now that my screen is calibrated a little better, those “warmed” images are now “orange” images.

I looked at a few before and after images and did not realize how much of a difference a single monitor could make. Everyone has a different screen, whether it is an iPhone, Kindle, or your laptop comupter. Each one might cast a different color. Maybe on if my better investments in myself and my business was to to color calibrate!

Here is a little look at the differences:

Option 1 (After Calibration)WHCC TEST-4785-3

Option 2 (Before Calibration) Wedding-4785Option 1 (After Calibration)WHCC TEST-4645

  Option 2 (Before Calibration) Wedding-4646



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