I am guilty of seeing what old friends are up to on facebook, instagram, etc, but struggle to have “real” conversations and physically meeting up! As we have all gotten older, these get togethers takes planning and scheduling, etc. and gets really hard sometimes to make the time! Little did I know that one of […]

So, I am jumping out of order with my blog posts this week. I have about 4 to post still but I just fell in love with this snowy session and could not wait to post them. I think it is because I am desperately clinging onto the snow while I have it. My husband […]

How darling is she??? 

Brad and Rachel have two beautiful children, Charlie and Lucy. Every time we sat down, the kids instantly grabbed a few rocks. It was funny to see them so entertained by them. I am pretty convinced that they will grow up to be geologists. More pictures to come.