I know it is the Superbowl, but today I am wishing I knew how to dance. Enjoy this little sneak peek!

I  just celebrated my one year anniversary with the hubby and we chatted about how much we learned about each other in our first year of marriage. Well,  I can only imagine what that same conversation will be like after 30 years of marriage! Delanie and Robert tied the knot and now 30 years later and they still swoon […]

  A little preview from this morning. Maggie is gorgeous.

I love shooting portraits down by Utah Lake. I feel like this day with Mikaylie down the river walkway was one spectacular day for photos. Not to mention she has one of the most brilliant smiles ever and her little dog Jack is adorable. Although he is just a little Doxian, he ran after the […]

Often times my husband becomes the subject of my photography experiments. He is such a good sport as I drag him around Salt Lake City asking him to pose for me. I take it as a sign of true love. This last weekend I was borrowing a camera body from a friend and trying out […]