Tanith + Eddie | Albuquerque New Mexico Wedding

The smell of roasting green chilies and the bright oranges and reds that dash a vibrant sunset take me back to New Mexico in a heart beat.  I think of all the wonderful friends that I have down there and so happy to have an excuse to come back. I have known Tanith since we were kids.  I was friends with her cousins, my older brother was the same age as her older sister, our parents were friends and we all went to the same church congregation together.

Tanith is one of the many gorgeous “cousins”.  There are 4 aunts that are all sisters, so all had beautiful girls around the same age. These girls grew up together, went to school together. Their definition of cousin has merged towards a relationship of sisters. They laugh and celebrate each of their successes, and cry with each other during the hard times of life.  They are a Disney-loving, jaw-dropping, contagious laughing group of girls.

Marrying into such a tight knit group of girls could be intimidating. But not for Eddie, he has a sense of humor that can keep up with this group.  With ease, he can make Tanith’s radiant smile appear (which makes her eyes and nose crinkle with laughter).  He is a strong and charming. From the friends and family that were there on the big day, you can tell Eddie has close and strong relationships that he invests in. Family means a lot to these two.

(PS- I loved their details of Tanith’s bouquet, their stationary and Eddies classic cufflinks)

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These are a few of those fun cute cousins! Recognize a few of those faces from the blog? Aubry AND Aslyn are past Breanna McKendrick Brides. And Brianna had a lovely Anniversary session in California. These girls are all so beautiful! It is a treat to have them in front of my lens!

Wedding-117 Wedding-199 Wedding-201 Wedding-210 Wedding-221 Wedding-228 Wedding-281 Wedding-270
This is one of my favorites! (Secret, secret- it is going in my Wedding Bridal Guide that I am designing right now)

Wedding-263 Wedding-259 Wedding-255 Wedding-254 Wedding-251 Wedding-248 Wedding-239 Wedding-236 Wedding-233 Wedding-302 Wedding-310 Wedding-316 Wedding-319Wedding-317 Wedding-321 Wedding-331 Wedding-349 Wedding-352Wedding-470 Wedding-464 Wedding-459 Wedding-451 Wedding-448 Wedding-444 Wedding-439 Wedding-437 Wedding-355 Wedding-362 Wedding-368
I enjoyed shooting with these two during the sunset, soaking in every last drop of light! There are so many changes in light happening so quickly,that it keeps me on my toes. From a brighter exposure, to silhouettes against a colored sky, to pulling out some off camera flash. Regardless of the photographer you hire for your wedding day, make sure they are equip to shoot in any kind of light, and use their photography knowledge to create the images that you want.  These last three images were all shot in about 5 minutes, but based on some style choices, they all turned out beautifully different.

Wedding-375Wedding-370 Wedding-377

Many of their friends and family were able to see this couple journey from friendship to tying the knot as husband and wife.t. This special day meant a lot to everyone that traveled this journey with the two of them. Everyone truly came together to celebrate.

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