The Workshop Experience. Sneak Peek.

The last year of Breanna McKendrick Photography has been a roller coaster of learning and growing. There are days when I feel so overwhelmed trying to get the ideas in my head to translate to my workflow and images. Some of the best investments I have made this last years has been in my photography education!

I have been able to learn some amazing things from some of my “photography idols”. Two in particular stand out! Earlier this year I did a one on one mentoring workshop with Camilla Binks. I have followed her work religiously for years and was lucky enough to have her as my own wedding photographer! (You can see Trevor and I on her blog here!) That changed the way I shoot and create my images. She dedicated so much time into our session and gave me confidence to shoot in ANY situation, from the harsh sun of mid day noon to the dark and dim reception halls. It was truly an investment that gave me back ten-fold in knowledge.

The second photographer I have idolized and followed for years is Katelyn James. She lives back east in Richmond Virginia. This woman started her photography business in college and has built a brand  and audience of thousand of photographers and brides! Katelyn and her husband Michael are now a husband and wife team and run one of the most successful photography companies in the industry. These guys know the details of shooting weddings inside and out. (You would have to in order to shoot 42 weddings a year!) This last week I was one of the 11 lucky photographer to be in their home for 2 days and learn the in’s and out’s of wedding photography from this amazing couple. They have years of experience and were so willing to share it openly with each of us! She featured a bit about our workshop on her blog today which you can find here!  So worth the traveling and the humidity to be there and learn as friends!

I wanted to include some images from my most recent workshop with Katelyn James. I hope you enjoy and keep following along as Breanna McKendrick Photography will continue to grow!

To learn more of Camilla Binks Mentoring, check here. 
To learn more of Katelyn James Workshop Experience, check here. 




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