The Workshop Experience with Katelyn James Photography. Rose Gold Stylized Shoot on Ruffled Wedding Blog!

The Workshop ExperienceYou may remember a few months back that I mentioned a trip I took to Virginia to attend a photography workshop with Katelyn James, one of the two photographers that I hold as a gold standard!

I stumbled across Katelyn’s blog a few years ago when I was roaming the vast expansion of Facebook. I read a few of her blog posts and was hooked! Katelyn’s blog is a breath of fresh air for someone like me who was/is using ALL my spare time to soak up everything photography! I not only loved seeing her beautiful images, but she answers questions and give advice from her experience from shooting 30-40 weddings a year!

Well, Virginia is a far ways a way from Utah (over 2100 miles away to be more exact!). So I did not know many people who had heard of Katelyn, UNTIL I met Brooke! Brooke is a wonderful photographer friend of mine, and it turns out that we both have been reading Katelyn’s blog for a while! Dreams of going to her workshops were soon placed in my head by Brooke and when Katelyn announced her Sept 2013 Workshop, Brooke and I knew we wanted to go!

The workshop only had 12 available seats for registration and I was nervous that the odds were not in our favor to claim TWO of those seats! The morning of registration, my computer was up and waiting for the registration page to become live! My whole morning took 4 times longer to get ready because I could not pry myself from this chance to register! I got up and brushed my teeth, and reloaded the registration page. I showered and reloaded the registration page, I gathered my things for work and reloaded the registration page. Just as I was headed out of the door to work, Brooke called. IT WAS LIVE! I jumped (literally) back into the house, and signed up right away. Brooke and I got our two seats! We were headed to Virginia!!


Well, the workshop was wonderful! I learned so much about how I wanted to run my business and how I can deliver a better experience to my wonderful brides! We got to be in Katelyn’s home, see how she works, and what lessons she has learned over the years. It was truly motivational and inspiring for me.

As part of the workshop, we got to participate in a stylized shoot and photography along side Katelyn! The session was just recently featured in the fabulous wedding inspiration blog Ruffled!


The images on Ruffled are Katelyn James’, but now that they have been published I can share with you my own from the same shoot! It was fun to see 12 photographers’ different shooting styles, lens choices, and how we made our shooting decisions. I appreciated even more that each photographer is different and strive to embrace the things that make Breanna McKendrick Photography unique.

Shoot Location: Richmond, VA
Floral Design: Anthomanic
Wedding Dress: Formal Envy
Makeup: Emily Hudspeth, Hair Design and Makeup Artist
Wedding Cake: Fat Girl Cakes LLC
Equipment Rentals: Paisley & Jade
Heirlooms and Extras: Two Back Flats
Linens and Coverings: Classic Party Rentals of VA
Calligrapher: Meant To Be Calligraphy



Here are a few behind the scene shots from the day!  It is a little amusing to see so many cameras at one couple.


We were quite the paparazzi.  Workshop-55

We all got our head shots taken by Katelyn. I have a few of mine up on my About Page.
I really love this behind the scene. Turns out a bedroom makes for a lovely spot for beautiful head shots.
Ps- I think her dog Bokeh is adorable.
A few of me. Workshop-70
One of my favorite images from the whole workshop. What are the odds?!?! I guess we both love going to Target!



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