Weekend Recap

Well folks, it is here. November. I think time speeds up as you get older. I remember as a little kid it took FOREVER before the year was up. Now it flies by in a blink of an eye and now we are in November. Only a two month until a new year and only 7 more Saturdays until Christmas. SEVEN. If that doesn’t make you start thinking about Christmas Cards, I dont know what will.

October left in a bang. This last weekend I was able to shoot with Jared Tseng for a few weddings. I have never shot a Halloween wedding before, but now I can cross that off my list. Mindy and Gabe had a Día de Muertos themed wedding. Aka, Day of the Dead. There was tamales and tacos galore, a mariachi bands, white Mexican paper banners lining the ceiling and laughter all night long.  A wedding to remember for sure.
Day of the Dead Themed wedding Details on Halloween. Photography by Breanna McKendrick Photography
This last week has had some crazy weather! I thought I was catching a break when Trevor and I decided to move to Texas and exchange driving in the winter snow for long summer days with stress free commutes. Well Texas fooled me. This last week the city of Austin almost had a Tornado. I woke up to my phone’s service warning alarm with a text from the National Weather Service “Tornado Watch”. It then went from a tornado watch to a tornado warning.  Our apartment complex alarm went off and that is when Trevor and I decided to make our way downstairs (we live on the third floor). We sat in the lobby watching the news and the pool in the courtyard start to flood over from all the rain at the same time. The circular winds died down and the tornado watch expired. I think I would take the winter snow storms of Utah over the tornado and flooding that Texas has.  All the while, weddings must go one. Although the winds had died, the rain decided to stay for the second wedding this weekend!  But don’t fret! With umbrellas like these, and optimistic bride and a photographer with a plan, beautiful images are still a guarantee!!

Hill Country Marsala Bridal Shoo- Breanna McKendrick Photography_0135
This week is going to be a busy one. With a fun elopement styled shoot happening tomorrow and then the next day Trevor and I head to Disney World with some friends! I sat down and made some November goals and my “Big List” to do list and am feeling a little overwhelmed. I keep telling myself to just focus on a few things each day, because after all Rome wasn’t built in a day.



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