Where have you gone?

Bold Spanish Fall Wedding Planning by Breanna McKendrick PhotographyLife is full of changes. When I started 2015 I *thought* I had plans for how it would unfold, but little did I know it would really pan out.

When 2015 started, I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was working at ARUP Laboratories as a Medical Technologist. I would work 70 hours in one week and then have 7 days off where I would try and fit in all my photography work. I had not traveled outside of the continent. I was working with an old template website that I had seen on other photographers pages.  I was getting burned out really fast for working so much and my photographer started to suffer.

So now, where are we in September of 2015? Just a few 9 months later?

Trevor and I moved to Austin Texas for starters! This change has been huge! Wedding Photography has become my full time job. I got to backpack Europe for two months with Trevor before we moved and I am feeling refreshed, revitalized and encouraged to deliver a better service to my brides!  I have a brand new custom website that was built just for me by on the of best designers I have ever worked with!

Why am I saying all of this? Well, I know it has been quiet on the blog. It might have looked like I was going out of business, like my business came to a halt. I don’t blame you for thinking this. But I wanted to check in with you as we gear up for Fall and set aside any rumors of such. Things at Breanna McKendrick Photography are bustling at the insides as I have really taken time to evaluate and dive into what I want my business to accomplish.

I want to serve my brides with heartfelt love. Deliver wedding images that they are going to cherish for year after year and provide tangible products that will become heirloom family pieces. That wedding album and beautiful prints for your kids to look at year after year. Offering these timeless pieces would be a better service to my couples.

There are micro changes AND macro changes happening and I didn’t want you to feel left out on the adventure. For those that have been following along ever since the beginning, I owe you a thanks! You have supported my business, cheered for my business and been the reason I have to wake up in a job that I love to do.

I am going to be posting more frequently because I have *SO MANY* beautiful sessions to share with you. So you might want to hang around. More beautiful things will be here on Monday.

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer by Breanna McKendrick Photography



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