Young and Vibrant

I was at my cousin’s wedding last month at Lake Tahoe. It was great to have family come together who I had not seen in a long time. In the midst of all the fun celebrations, I had one precious moment with my grandmother. I got to help her fix her hair before the ceremony. I should preface by saying that my grandmother is the embodiment of elegance in her age.  If I could be half the woman she is, I would consider myself more than successful in life. It was tender to see her so thoughtful on how she looked, knowing that she wold be walking down the aisle before the beautiful bride, honored to play a part in her lovely granddaughter’s ceremony.

As we were sharing this moment in the bathroom with curling irons, hairspray and combs, she talked that even though she has progressed in years, the image of her inside feels young and vibrant. I saw my grandmother in a whole new light. I have seen pictures of her when she was younger and they flipped through my head- but this time with tangible feelings that I could relate to. I saw herself as a young girl with hopes and dreams, I saw herself graduating from college and standing in front of her dorm with roommates. I saw her falling in love with a handsome slender blonde haired man, going on dates, dancing and getting icecream. I felt like I was at their wedding and with them unpacking their car as they moved into their first house. I saw their excitment as they discovered they would be parents, and over time welcome in 5 wonderful girls into their family and raising them the best they knew how.

How sweet that intimate moment was where I got to know my grandmother as a peer and as a friend. Young and Vibrant.

This is a picture I took of my grandmother several years ago when she published her first novel. She never stops doing the things she loves.