Aubry and Jaran. Idaho Falls Destination Wedding.

I don’t know where to start with this wedding. It mean’t so much to me for so many reasons. Aubry and I have known each other since we were 10 years old. At the start of my 4th grade year, my family had moved across town, and I was starting the school year in a brand new school, with a new church group, and I didn’t know a SOUL.

As a scared little 10 year old, I sat next to Aubry during church sunday school where she was so kind to offer me a Jalapeno Jelly Belly Bean. Which I thought was a Watermelon Jelly Bean, NOT Jalapeno. My taste buds got a good surprise and a good reaction out of me, which Aubry found hilarious. After that we were destined to be friends! (Even through high school where she was the fun cheerleader, and I was the  marching band nerd. It still worked out!)

Aubry is F.U.N. She is full of laughter, comes from a tremendous family and has such a light hearted soul. I have always been curious to see who would have the energy to keep up with this girl. And that is where Jaran comes in.

If two souls were ever meant for each other, these two would be great contenders. And at the risk of sounding like a country song, they really do complete each other perfectly! Jaran is a small town Idaho boy who knows  everyone in town. (This is not an exaggeration. All the cars that passed them on the side of the road while we were taking formal pictures honked and waved! He knew them all!) I have never seen a boy make Aubry laugh as hard and constantly as him. His family was so inviting and were gracious hosts for their Idaho wedding.

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These three sisters are so different! But so fun!

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I  was  am so in love with Aubry’s bouquet! It was stunning! And because it had a beautiful golden handle, the weight of heavy water filled stems were gone! Jaran’s mother owns several Idaho florist shops in Idaho Falls and Rexburg. They did such an amazing job! (Just wait till you see all the flowers at the reception!)


Close friends and family went to the couples wedding luncheon after their ceremony catered by Stockman’s Steakhouse.


A few of my favorite formal portraits of the Bride and Groom, and their bridal party!


The day went so smooth and the reception was BEAUTIFUL. Although Idaho sits just on top of Utah, it is much colder up there. The day before the wedding, it got so cold that they knew an outdoors receptions wasn’t possible.  So everything, tent and all, were moved inside! It was beautiful! Jaran’s mother, who owns the floral shops, had the place fully adorned with fresh cut flowers!  The room smelt like what I imagined the secret garden would smell like.

Wedding-631 Wedding-639

Yes, all of these flowers. Fresh cut, and smelling oh so wonderful!


Both sides of the family are connected to the wedding industry. Jaran’s side with the flowers, and Aubry’s side with this amazing cake! Aubry’s mother is the owner and baker at Cakes by Dee-sign! Her work has been featured in Brides magazine, Cake Central Magazine and has won several competitions including serval awards at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. The family had some serious struggles when Dianne Holgate got pneumonia. It turned septic and cost her her legs below the knees and her steady hands. With new prosthetics, she retaught herself to walk and gained control of her hands AND she still is doing what she loves despite all the hardship! I could go on and on about this woman! She truly has an inspiring story to share and I am blessed to have her as a “second” mother.


I love catching groomsmen decorating the “get away” car!

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With such great cooking talent in this family, it would only be expected that the take home thank you’s to be homemade chocolates!
Wedding-765 Wedding-779

Brenna and Cherisa are some of Aubry’s best girlfriends that went to high school with her and cheered with her on the cheerleading squad! They are such gorgeous girls who all have lucky husbands.

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Jaran and Aubry- I love you both! I am so thrilled and excited about all the adventure you will have in life!! Thank you for letting me celebrate with you on this wonderful day!



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