Am I safe to say that this year has flown by surprisingly fast? In a blink of an eye we are in October and wedding season in Texas might be at its peak. I am already booking weddings from October 2017 and thinking of how different life has been for Trevor and I since the […]

Well folks, it is here. November. I think time speeds up as you get older. I remember as a little kid it took FOREVER before the year was up. Now it flies by in a blink of an eye and now we are in November. Only a two month until a new year and only […]

Life is full of changes. When I started 2015 I *thought* I had plans for how it would unfold, but little did I know it would really pan out. When 2015 started, I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was working at ARUP Laboratories as a Medical Technologist. I would work 70 hours […]

As we walked around I kept wondering to myself, “Is this place REAL?”  It looks like something straight out of a book, or a part of the Disneyland theme parks. Trevor laughed at me when I mentioned Disneyland, but I think it is a good description that deserves a little explanation. One of my FAVORITE […]

Today is the DAY! I know so many of you have been holding on and waiting to hear the news. I am excited, nervous, thrilled, anxious all at once. And a little surprise, there is not only ONE big announcement to share with you today, BUT TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS! Several months ago,  Trevor and I started […]

I can’t believe the holidays are here! Time has rushed by so quickly and it has been a busy off season! 2014 has been a terrific year and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of my Brides and Grooms that has made it so successful!! For the rest of the year, Trevor and I […]

I am a believer in goals. I think they are a great motivator and encourager! They help people change and grow! But boy are they intimidating. As my business has changed and grown, my goals for it have changed, but I have felt paralyzed to really set them and make achievable sets for a while. […]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU! Thanksgiving is a happy start to the holidays in our house. This time of year brings together families and friends of all shapes and sizes to cherish good memories spent together. One of my favorite things about this time of year are the fun traditions that come. Since being married, Trevor […]

I don’t do this often. In fact I don’t think I have ever done this. But something struck a chord in me about my friend Kandis and her family situation and I felt like I should share it with other. Kandis Broadhead is the owner of Wish Photography. If we are a photographer, you might […]

I love sharing a few “favorite things” on my blog every so often. Sometimes these are photography related, sometimes not. Today’s favorite thing isn’t necessarily photography related unless you factor that to be taken as a serious professional wedding photographer, you have to dress the part.  (Who wants their wedding photographer to show up to […]