In some ways it feels like we have been married longer. ANNNNNND that might be my fault because I  know that I have been telling people we have been married for “almost 5 years” for… a while. I’m just rounding up, which is completely within reason. Trevor and I met 6 years ago and have […]

We couldn’t walk a few feet on Temple Square without someone passing by and calling out to Dawn and Thomas with a “Congratulations!” or “LOVE your dress. Which was for good reason because Dawns dress was STUNNING! The delicate ivory lace was paired over a dark cream. It had so much depth and was the perfect […]

Sarah and Kyle just celebrated their second year wedding anniversary. However, they fit together so well though that it is easy to assume that they have been together for much much longer. I have known Kyle and his family for years. I was roommates with his older sister Natania in College. I got to hear […]