I grew up in New Mexico. Which means humidity was a concept I didn’t understand growing up. We would joke that the ever popular Pinion “Tree” was really a really large shrub trying to overextend itself and there were more brush and dirt as far as the eye can see. Now as I live in […]

Planning a wedding has a lot of juggling parts. So when you are also engaged at the same time as your best friend, it makes it easier to plan the details together! I met Shannon and Sorelle for coffee as we talked about each of their individual wedding day plans. Shannon talked about how they […]

As a kid, it was a common family vacation to pack the car and drive from our home in New Mexico to Denver to visit my Dad’s brother and his family. My siblings and my cousins in Denver were around the same age and we got to see ourselves grow up and go through high […]

My parents were really good about making sure we took trips when we were younger to get to know our extended family. I remember driving to Colorado several times from our home in New Mexico to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins and those times together often were some of our summer vacations. So I […]

I was gearing up for a snowing and cold wedding when Yvonne told me of her ¬†December wedding date. But this Utah winter has been surprisingly warm! I haven’t needed to white knuckle grip my steering wheel while trying to drive through white roads, which I am thrilled about. ¬†Winter weddings are charming. The cozy […]