It’s not every day you are swept away on a surprise 24 hour trip to New York City during Christmas… I sat listening to Kelli and Andy jointly tell their proposal story and it felt like I was listening to a lifetime movie plot line. Imagine taking time off of work to go to a wedding before […]

I was traveling in Ireland and emailing back and forth to Kristil, setting up out time to Skype to talk about their upcoming wedding! We were halfway around the world when we met. I love the power of technology! While I was gone, Skype became my best friend to keep meeting and staying in touch […]

I don’t really know where to start with this one. I love building a connection with each of my brides and getting to know them as a bride and groom couple. Well it makes it a whole lot easier to get to know your bride when that bride is your very own SISTER!!!!  Yes that […]

Ben and Alissa are two different personalities individually but seem to fit together seamlessly. When I first heard that Alissa and Ben were getting married in Farmington, I assumed Farmington, Utah. But when Alissa told me it was Farmington NEW MEXICO I was happily surprised! I grew up in Farmington (New Mexico). Only a handful […]

Alyson and William grew up just A FEW  blocks away from each other. A few blocks! However, they were JUST far enough away that they went to different schools and different church groups. But soccer leagues helped their circles cross. Aly plays soccer, her older brother plays soccer and so does William. Aly’s brother and […]

I have loved getting to know Brittanie and Shaun. They are a couple that just seem to fit together seamlessly.  It might be that they have been together for 5+ years and truly know each other. It might be all of the little acts of love that they do so effortlessly.  Or it could be […]

Happy Fourth of July everyone! This might be one of my favorite holiday right after christmas and my birthday. And yes, I do consider my birthday a holiday just for me. But really, the 4th of July by far has the best weather of any of the holidays…. people are out and about with grills […]