It’s not every day you are swept away on a surprise 24 hour trip to New York City during Christmas… I sat listening to Kelli and Andy jointly tell their proposal story and it felt like I was listening to a lifetime movie plot line. Imagine taking time off of work to go to a wedding before […]

I was traveling in Ireland and emailing back and forth to Kristil, setting up out time to Skype to talk about their upcoming wedding! We were halfway around the world when we met. I love the power of technology! While I was gone, Skype became my best friend to keep meeting and staying in touch […]

I don’t really know where to start with this one. I love building a connection with each of my brides and getting to know them as a bride and groom couple. Well it makes it a whole lot easier to get to know your bride when that bride is your very own SISTER!!!!  Yes that […]