Carlisle Family. Mountain Lake Portraits.

I met Amber and TJ up one of Utah’s beautiful canyons this last month for their family portraits. The leaves had already fallen, but that didn’t stop us. I knew up the canyons there were a lot of vibrant evergreen trees t which would create a perfect mountain scene for family pictures. I was a little worried for the session because I knew Amber and TJ new baby boy was just a little tiger and being so close to winter, I worried how cold it would be for him! If there is one think I have learned, it is cold babies do not make for good pictures! Which I can’t blame them!

Luckily for me,  Amber was a very prepared mother! She came with binkies and blankets to wrap up little Trey in between poses to keep him warm and happy! (Seriously, mothers think of everything!) And that is how he stayed for most of the session! Trey was so mellow and happy, which gave us a lot more shooting time that I have originally planned and we got a lot more images because of it!

I can only image what it is like to be a mother for the first time, letting tiny little fingers grasp onto your relatively ginormous pinky and having your heart surrenders all barriers of love. But looking at these images gives me a small little feeling of the joy it must be.

Family-5 Family-10 Family-16 Family-23 Family-28 Family-29 Family-44 Family-60 Family-69 Family-79Family-72
Although, I do consider myself a photographer that specializes in weddings,  I strongly believe that families should have their picture taken often!  Your children are only going to be newborns once and your toddlers will look up to you as their invincible super hero for only a little while longer. These are beautiful memories that I believe in treasuring. I want to help make these memories into beautiful art for your home and spectacular family heirlooms.

So, for the time being, I will be booking more small family sessions. I will have a limited amount of family session I take on each month, as to give my brides the experience I want to deliver to them without sacrificing quality. So if you feel like you are interested in having your family in front of my lens, feel free to contact me.



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