Craig and Marianne. Utah Wedding Photographer.

Craig and Marianne are a wonderful couple, and I feel like my husband and I have a lot in common with them. Wedding wise that is. Share the same wedding month and the same wedding venue. It makes me want to go back and be engaged all over again. For me at least, it was an exciting time and I really did love planning my wedding. Marianne and Craig are such cute lovebirds. It was no trouble at all asking them to snuggle together shot after shot. It was great to have Marianne’s older sister, Elisa, there with us to help out for the day. She saved us a couple times while watching for those thing like flyaway hairs or awkward arms. If you ever consider bringing a friend or family member to a shoot, trust me, I can always find things for them to do. ¬†Congratulations¬†you two! I am so excited for your wedding this December.