Haley and Daryn. Utah Wedding Photographer.

What a month it has been! I was shocked to have all three of my August brides to be natural red-headed girls! Today I am thrilled to share with you the second of three red headed weddings!

Haley and Daryn met through none other than Daryn’s sweet Grandmother.  Haley, as a hairstylist, was cutting Daryn’s grandmother hair.  She happened to mentioned her darling grandson that was single and  would love to met a gal like Haley!  Fast forward a bit and numbers were exchanged, which lead to a first date which led to a first kiss, which lead to a sweet engagement and a proposal in a Lamborghini- yes you heard that right, LAMBORGHINI.  These two seemed to have the puzzle pieces of fate and chance fall together in perfect timing.

Their wedding day was full of confidence and the couple was calm and classic. They shared their celebration with those that mattered most to them, and a celebration it was! There were gorgeous touches of rustic elegance, from the darling “Sweet as Pie” dessert table, birch wood vases for the table arrangements, and even a custom white dress for Haley.

This dress comes with quite a story. Most girls go out shopping for a dress and search high and low for the perfect one. Well, Haley found a dress that she adored, but over the months that she had it, decided that she wanted to change the look of it a little. So, with scissors in hand, she cut the dress right into two! This gal has guts and confidence! Her dress now gave her the flexibility she wanted to pair her full wedding skirt with unique tops to create a look all her own. (You can see her rustic theme come out when she paired her skirt with a green plaid shirt for her bridal session here!)

It was such a pleasure being with Haley and Daryn throughout their engagement, to get to know them as friends, and then celebrate with them on such a special day. Congrats to you both! I wish you many years of happiness and laughter!

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