Happy Anniversary!

In some ways it feels like we have been married longer. ANNNNNND that might be my fault because I  know that I have been telling people we have been married for “almost 5 years” for… a while. I’m just rounding up, which is completely within reason.

Trevor and I met 6 years ago and have been married for 4.  I look at the changes we have gone through in those years…

We met in school, dated and got married over those years. We graduated with our bachelors (and masters) degrees. We had day jobs. We started side hustles. We both left full time “safe” day jobs to be full time self employed entrepreneurs. He built an app company. Sold an app company.  I started a photography business and dove into the wedding world. We took time off to back pack Europe together. We moved from Utah to Texas. We started a new road together and it has been a ride.

In our marriage, Trevor has seen me at my very worst and he has seen me at my very best. We both have flaws and have learned to deal with some of them and have to tackle many others. But we laugh and we work. We make life happen. Marriage has molded me and encouraged me to stretch. I have seen the world in new ways and seen more of it. The best part is, it has all been with my best friend.

If all of this has happened in 4 years, just imagine what will happen in the next 40. 🙂

Love you Trev. I love that you are my parter in crime. Happy Anniversary!

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